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  • Why is my sunscreen grainy? Is this normal?
    Yes! This is perfectly normal. The non-nano zinc in this sunscreen is specifically used because the particles are too large to absorb through your skin and into your blood stream. This is absolutely normal and safe. While absorption is not harmful, this allows the sunscreen to “sit” on your skin and block harmful rays, rather than wind up inside your body.
  • Why does this sunscreen leave a white film?
    The non-nano zinc oxide is made of particles that are too large to absorb through your skin and into your blood stream. This means there might be a slight white tint or film. This is normal. You may find that allowing the sunscreen to warm up slightly will help it rub in easier and reduce the white tint.
  • Why does this deodorant feel wet when I put it on?
    The coconut oil in the deodorant reacts with your body heat making it feel wet. The deodorant will dry quickly. We recommend putting it on and waiting 5-10 minutes before getting dressed.
  • What can I do if this deodorant becomes too soft?
    While it is normal for this deodorant to become somewhat soft if left in a warm area, you can put it in the fridge for a little while to help it harden up. Because of the coconut oil and shea butter, this can happen, but it does not affect how well it works.
  • What should I do if this deodorant irritates my skin?
    Most likely, it is the baking soda that is the cause of irritation or redness. We recommend waiting until the redness and/or irritation has subsided and try again, using a small amount. Typically, your body will adjust to using this product after about a week and these symptoms will subside. This is because your body’s pH needs to readjust and normalize to not using a deodorant or anti-perspirant full of chemicals. However, if symptoms do not subside or you find it too irritating, you should discontinue use.
  • My underarms seem sweatier and/or have more odor using his deodorant, why is this?"
    After many years of using deodorants or antiperspirants, your body has adjusted to them. Once you switch to a deodorant with only natural ingredients, your body must adjust again. Your pH will normalize, and your body will change during this transition period, typically anywhere from one week to one month. While it may be uncomfortable or discouraging, we highly recommend you stick with it. Remember, your body is made to sweat. The chemicals in store bought deodorants and anti-perspirants can be very harmful so you’ve made a great choice by switching and your body knows what it is doing and will learn to regulate sweat and, subsequently odor, over time.
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